History: Science or Fiction?

After I got introduced to the website and the blog, I learned that history can be interpreted in very many different ways. And of course, the more researcher we have, the more opinions we get. It’s almost impossible that a narrator wouldn’t take this or that position, that’s why when we learn history, we should be aware of that and realize that at times the history can be very biased. We cannot follow every word that we read, we should exercise our own judgment, and make our own conclusions from the events described by other people. Also, the book cannot hold everything that was happening over tremendous period of the time, so we should also realize that we can draw from it only limited picture about what was happening in fact. The scientists who write the book decide which events were major and more important than the others, but again, they decide themselves what to write and what not to, so that the “historytelling” becomes subjective.

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