Purposely Forgotten

I most definitely enjoyed this article by Eric Foner. The article elaborated on how “Race & Reunion” by David Blight is packed with facts and important information thats has been “forgotten”. If I would like to learn more about the Civil War, this is the type of book I would turn to. I completely agree with Foner when he claims you  don’t hear and read as much about the Civil war opposed to World War 1 and World 2. Theres all these little facts that I never heard of while learning modern history in high school. For example James Longstreet, a white confederate general who supported African Americans, was not mentioned as one of the southern heroes.  Perhaps those textbook’s should be replaced with a more honest and informative text. I learned many facts from just reading a four page review. Imagine reading the actual text and how much facts you would learn.

From all the compliments that Eric Foner has written in this article about the book its evident that he enjoyed it. If Eric Foner, who isn’t the author of the book, speaks so highly about it and suggest to purchase the book. Im certain that I would  suggest this book to high school students, since Its important to not forget about these small historical events that impacted the world today. I would also recommend those who want to learn more about the Civil, because it seems like its filled with a great amount of information that may be more helpful than other text’s.


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