What do you mean it wasn’t for slavery?

a) David Blight’s book Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory did sound pretty interesting to me. It shows how what most people learn about the Civil War as students are just what “scholarly cottage industry” choose to highlight and focus on. Most of the other facts about the Civil War are shadowed behind slavery and African Americans. I think whoever learned about the Civil War would benefit from reading this book because it shows them a whole new prospective of the war.

b) It did sound like Eric Foner liked the book because it does show one of the points he was proving that everybody has their own point of view and it shows every historical source out there.

c) This book review tells me the importance of historical memory because when writing something on a piece of paper, it can last forever. The memory of the Civil War in textbooks that students read are what they learn and know about the war. The primary resources from the Civil War are not in reach for most people to read so the majority of us do not know of it. Historical memory can only be of what is in reach of the people and what they know.

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