A Chosen History

David Blight’s book “Race and Reuinion: The Civil War in American Memory”, is beneficial for all to read since it was an event that changed the lives of all of us today and it is important for people to see it through a different, more truthful lens. It is not only interesting because here we can view the Cold War through a different perspective but it also¬†inspired me to think about other events in which history may have been constructed for a certain political base. I am sure Blight was proud of his book because it allows people today to look back on history and understand “how we think about the Civil War has everthing to do with how we think about race and its history in American life.” He also gives people and events the credit and recognition that they deserved a long time ago and although it is late, it is better than being completley eradicated from American history. Blight not only points out that it is important to recognize the construction of history but also that the constructed memory of history in itself is crucial to look at when understanding the past.

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