African Americans in the History of U.S.A

A)    The book of David Blight does not sound interesting to me at all. The reason why I say this is because I am not a fan of history. However, after reading Eric Foner’s book review, I think the group that will benefit from reading it will be the African American. As it points out in the review, in the history of Civil War, the contributions of slaves and other African Americans were mostly disregarded. Therefore, if they were to read this, they will feel like United States of America was not build only by the Caucasians, but also by African Americans.

B)     Personally, I feel like Eric Foner was simply writing a book review on David Blight’s book with indifference since history is Eric Foner’s field of interest. However, I must say that Eric Foner gives credit to David Blight as he says in the review, “he gives black Americans a voice they are often denied in works on memory.”

C)    I get the sense that Eric Foner’s book review tells me that historical memory is not always crucial in writing history. This is because in remembering Civil War, as I have previously mentioned, many contributions of the African Americans were not taken into consideration and the history of United States of America tends to focus mainly on the White Population and their success.

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