For Whom is History Written?

I have recently had a chance to watche a video clip in my Sociology class about some of the old CNN news. Interestingly, one of the news was reporting whether or not it is fair that history books are biased. It was reported that many high school text books focuses on Caucasians and their success while not much about the African Americans. So, does this imply that Caucasians in the American history were always right and successful and that African Americans did not contribute positively in the history of United States of America? Of course, we all know that the answer is no. Martin Luther King Jr., for example, has had a positive impact in the American history and there are many more like him. Therefore, for the historical sources like text books to be biased suggests to me to that historical sources or evidences are not always true and they tend to write in favor of the superior side.

In terms of digitally keeping the all the tweet, I do not think it is going to help in writing down our history to let our next generation know what the past was like. I say this not only because many of the tweets are rather useless as quite a lot of them are about where people are and what they are doing. Secondly, there are just way too many tweets to keep passing on the history and it is not time efficient to analyze every single tweet.

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