Foundation lost for racial equality and justice

Eric Foner reviewed the book “Race and Reunion: The civil war in American memory” by David Blight and stresses how politics and battles mentioned by Blight played major roles in carving out what we know as “The Civil War”. Furthermore, David Blights book sounds intriguing because of the concepts, giving a perspective of how America came about. thus, gives us food for taught. Eric Foner review also gave me great insight on different paths history may take according to who’s superior at the moment. I honestly think anyone who reads this book would benefit in some way, especially foreigners who are interested in learning about the civil war.

I think Eric Foner definitely takes pleasure in this book based on what he stated, that the book ” Race and Reunion is the most comprehensive and insightful study of the memory of the Civil War yet to appear”.

Historical evidence can be tainted at any time and we wouldn’t know. Why should we even trust historical evidence when most are subjective, with that embedded conviction to skeptics it is difficult to alter. However, the book review by Mr. Foner tells us that we can be easily influence by deceit and dishonesty particularly when history can be rewritten or erase.

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