Who cares what happened if it’s not remembered

The David Blight book sounds like a wonderful piece of work and is worth reading. It sounds fascinating to me because every person should be knowledgeable not only about what happened in history but also how history is constructed. David Blight sounds like a huge fan of the book because he wrote a very positive review of it and from the way he writes, you could tell that the book had a huge impact on him. It’s not every day that we’re confronted with the fact that the North won the war but the South won the history. Does it really matter who won the war if people only remember the history?

This book review provides a foundation for future research into what really happened as opposed what textbooks want us to believe. Woodrow Wilson, for example, is remembered for his role in WW1 and his role in creating the League of Nations. I, along with practically the whole class, had no idea that he endorsed the KKK and supported what they were doing. This book shows that we need to keep history as accurate as possible to teach us lessons in the future. If we let it degrade then the lies we learn will destroy us.

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