“Reconstructing” my historical memory

I never cared much for the Civil War. It has always been a subject of little interest to me; too long ago to relate to and not far enough back into the future to be of interest. The whole record of the 1800’s actually couldĀ disappearĀ into obscurity and I would not be bothered in the slightest. Yes, maybe a bit too extreme. However, after reading Eric Foner’s review of “Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory” I’ started giving some thought to the time period. The United States and its policies evolved from its short history. Therefore an event as important as the Civil War has had a huge impact on the United States. It is due to this that I have regained interest in the subject. I want greater insight on the country that I live in.

It seems to me that Eric Foner very much liked David Blight’s book. In his review he gives Blight praise numerous times like this: “…the book is so persuasive overall that one regrets that Blight did not try to bring it up to the present.” It is then no secret that Foner agrees with the book and enjoyed the read. It is thanks to this review that I want to read the book now. It revolves around the importance of the post Civil War events and gives light to the inequality of our past and present historical memory. The book review tells us how much our historical memory can be influenced by current political movements and general social commentary. Maybe now, I can finally come to terms with the Civil War and restore MY historical memory.

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