Does Pride Manipulate Our Historical Memory?

Historical memory is a very diluted subject across the board, especially when it pertains to war.  After reviewing the book review of “Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory” by David W. Blight, I found this story to be the conflict of numerous wars.  No one wants to take the blame for horrible things their ancestors committed.  These historical events are glossed over in text books, and somewhat glorified to an extent to maintain the pride of a country.  This is not only in America, but all over the world.   In Japan they are still denying that they ever committed war crimes against their neighboring countries, but compile most of their textual history around the bombings.  This is still keeping them from every achieving piece with the rest of Asia.  Do you think the world feels the same about us?

America’s pride will keep us from ever truly understanding the things we were contrived from.  For example, we still celebrate Columbus day, and forget to acknowledge the genocide that was brought among the Native Americans.  I find that pride will always manipulate our historical memory.  No one wants to admit what they have done, so they shine light more on the guts and glory, or as in the civil war the reconciliation of our country.  Slavery is taught in school, but the stigma of racism is still kept.  We still have a percentage of people thinking that our president is Muslim.  Politicians know this will move people to support their cause, they bet on fear and pride to move their pawns in a war.  If everyone truly understood the historical memory of slavery, do you think they would understand racism?

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