Can we remember what we forgot?

From the Eric Foner’s review of the Blights book “Race and Reunion” it seems that the book reveals many interesting aspects about the historical interpretation of remembering, especially the events of the Civil War. In his review, Eric Foner sympathizes with the author and talks about his book ¬†with respect and approval.

According to the book review, the historical memory is important not only for the historians and scholars, but for the society at large. Looking at how events are being remembered and forgotten, one can understand better the course of history and political events that influenced it. Blight’s book uncovers many facts that has been forgotten or rather concealed in remembering the Civil War. In particular, the role African Americans have played in the war has little place in the memory of the war today, and ¬†Blight believes that this largely affects our perception of race and African Americans. Book reveals that memories can be politicized and influenced by many factors. I found this review interesting and I think that many people would benefit from reading it as it provides new facts and a fresh perspective on the history of the Civil War and racism in the US.

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