Slavery is Over; Enjoy Your Freedom Under the Following Circumstances:

One type of freedom Foner described is the freedom from the the numerous injustices of slavery, such as punishment by the lash, separation of families, denial of access to education, the sexual exploitation of black women by their owners. African Americans under slavery were also unable to own property and to vote. This meant that they were previously unable to share in the rights and opportunities that American citizens take for granted.

The above mentioned freedoms were not recognized in the short run. Southern White Men did all that they possibly could in order to avoid granting the African Americans their rights. Families were no longer separated, but the African Americans struggled to reunite with their family after slavery ended. Also, African Americans were allowed to have a poor-quality education. They established the Ku Klux Klan in order to kill and/or beat all the African Americans they could. The White House helped a little bit in the beginning, until they decided to let the south take care of their own problems. The Southerners also prevented the African Americans from voting even after the 15th amendment was passed by imposing literacy tests, property ownership requirements and a fee to vote.

These freedoms, although not realized in the short run, were realized in the long run. Today, a large majority of African Americans are educated, own property and vote. Families are no longer separated, and African Americans are no longer punished in such cruel manners.

African Americans Registering to Vote - Indiana, 1870

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