Where’s my vote?

Among the many types of freedoms discussed by Eric Foner, political freedom was one that many African Americans asked for once the period of Reconstruction began. Though they were given the title of freed men and women with the end of the Civil War, they were missing the many rights a free citizen should be receiving. They believed in order for them to be considered equal they should be given the right to vote which allows them to engage in activities within society. Being able to vote is a given right of each and every citizen, allowing everyone to participate in their community so everyone has a chance of getting out what they would like. Not being able to do this is just stripping them from your rights and not granting African Americans complete freedom.

Political freedom was realized in the short term, prior to 1877. After immense controversy, the fifteenth amendment was approved  in 1869 which allowed every citizen of the United States to vote regardless of their race. Though there were other restrictions developed on voters but not based on race but on their knowledge and wealth.

In the long run, political freedom was eventually granted to everyone including women. Restrictions like poll taxes, literacy tests, and property qualifications were also ultimately diminished.  In 1869, was the first action towards bringing out at least some aspect of political freedom and over the years progress lead to freedom for all.

Demanding for Voting Rights
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