“Education is the next best thing to liberty.”

One type of freedom in chapterĀ 15 of Foners’ book is that African-Americans start their own schools free of white control. They begin teaching and educating the young African-American population because “education” is one of the most important freedoms. It allows you to be more intellectual and smart. A freedman from Mississippi said education was “the next best thing to liberty”.

African-Americans start their own schools and educational systems. African-Americans are given a chance to learn to read and write.

This freedom of education was realized for a short time. All went smoothly until the idea of mixed race schools came about. There was a lot of segregation and discrimination then which made it hard for African-Americans to feel comfortable. This uncomfortably in turn would make them feel out of place and unwanted in school and won’t allow them to learn properly.

A white student yelling at an African-American student.

The freedom of education is finally realized in today’s society and has been for quite a while now. There is equal opportunity and equal enrollment. People are able to learn freely, regardless of race, sex or religion. I believe all people in America are equal and everyone has the same opportunity as anyone else out there.

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