The Steel King


Homestead PA -1902

Above is an Image of Homestead Pennsylvania where Andrew Carnegie acquired Homestead Steel Works transforming it into the hub of the Carnegie Steel Company.  Carnegie Steel transformed the steel industruy during the gilded age by installing transformed hearth technologies in his vertical steel manufacturing factories.  Carnegie is known as the second richest individual during this period behind John D. Rockafeller who was at the head of oil industry.


Andrew Carnegie Leaving Pittsburg For The Last Time – 1914

Carnegie, and immigrant who worked his way up eventually forming his steel company was also one of the most well known philantripists during this time period.  He blieved that the upper class had an obligaition to not indugle and waste ones riches, yet to distribute in hope of promoting advancment in society as a whole.  Carnegie published several popular works and essay to help convay his message.  One of the most popular writings was The Gospel of Wealth published in 1889.  The Carnegie Steel Company was eventually sold in a merger to J.P. Morgan in a 480 Million Dollar deal, forming United States Steel.

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