“I know what it’s like to be in many of your shoes”

The Wizard of Oz was based on the presidential election of 1896. William Jennings Bryan was portrayed as the lion.

William Jennings Bryan was roundly supported by the Democrats and the Populists for the presidential election of 1896. At 36 years old, he moved from a congressman of Nebraska to a nominee for the Democratic party. He gained support by addressing the critical conditions and needs of farmers and speaking out against big corporate businesses. He is perhaps best known for proclaiming in respect for the “free coinage” of silver.

Bryan was both religious and political at the same time. The Social Gospel movement made an impact on his lifestyle and judgment. To help bring up the spirits of the many miserable Americans at the time, he praised the teachings of Jesus Christ. He understood the difficulties of living well below average class as well. He believed that increasing the money supply would increase farmers’ profit and make it easier for them to pay off their debts.

The two questions I would ask Bryan:

1) Didn’t it feel like you put more effort into the campaign because McKinley campaigned outside his house while you spoke in various locations to spread the word?

2) If you did win the election, what else would you do to America as a whole besides increasing the money supply to help out farmers in debt?

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