Best Admiral Forever and always

Admiral George Dewey

George Dewey was only person in US history to attain the rank of Admiral of the Navy, the highest rank possible in the navy. He is considered the greatest american hero of the early 20th century.  Hes most noticeable for the victory at Manila Bay in which not even one of his men died in combat. Although 7 were wounded and 1 died of a heat stroke.  Because of this many historians have nicknamed him the Hero of Manila. He was an important figure in american history because of his superb leadership and because of his contributions, it raised awareness of the US Naval Power among the world.

I believe he did what he did because of the same reason most people go to the army or navy. He wanted to fight for America, he believed in America and probably has very fond memories of it. He probably knew he had great leadership and put that to use. The outcome of his leadership has shown in the battle of Manila Bay which sky rocketed his popularity as a hero. He is most likely motivated by the living crew members he has saved and the recognition from the people of America. He must be feeling good knowing he is recognized as one of the greatest hero in the early 20th century.

Questions –

1. How do you feel to be the only person in history to attain Admiral of the Navy rank?

2. How much do you make?

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