Power-Hungry Americans…

A painting done by John Gast called the "American Expansion". Columbia(a feminine personification of the U.S) leads American settlers westward.

I relate this image to Josiah Strong’s position he takes during the 1990’s. Strong was a clergyman and also a writer, who sought to introduce, spread and update the idea of Manifest Destiny. He influenced many white Americans of this idea of Manifest Destiny and values to the “inferior races”. His most influential work was “Our Country: Its Possible Future and Its Present Crisis” published in 1885.

Strong believed that it was his duty to civilize the many “inferior races” of the world. He also sought it was important to christianize the world. He has served as General Secretary for Protestant missionary groups called the Evangelical Alliance for the United States.

1. What made you to believe that white protestants as superior to other races?

2. Do you believe you achieved your purpose in introducing your idea?

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