President William McKinley

President William McKinley addresses a crowd at a hospital.

William McKinley won the first modern presidential campaign because the Republicans spent a great amount of money on the campaign. His campaign raised approximately $10 million compared to his competition Bryan’s $300,000. He was a national republic leader and his biggest concern is the McKinley Tariff which was high tariff on imports.  He also started war with Spain which was called the Spanish-American War because he wanted Spain to stop the cruelty to Cuba and Spain refused to listen.

William McKinley was driven to open the path for the McKinley tariff because the republicans believed that gold was the currency that was worth value. According to the Miller Center of Public Affairs in University of Virginia, McKinley was pressured by the press to have a war with Spain.

I would ask him:

1.       If you had another chance, would you have done something different instead of the Spanish American War?

2.       Which presidential election you think you did the better in?

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