Saum Song Bo,  Chinese-American writer who spoke out against racial injustice through his well-known letter about how he viewed the statue of liberty. The viewing of  liberty as non-existing because it clashes with the freedom of the Chinese. In his letter he describes the irony of erecting a statue of liberty after the U.S enacting a law barring the Chinese into America.

Saum Song Bo contributed to the list of  voices of freedom. Saum shaped an intriguing and captivating statement, that goes “whether this statue against Chinese or the statue of liberty will be the more lasting monument to tell future ages of the liberty and greatness of this country, will be known only to future generations”. As long as the statue of liberty prevails, it will never hold any significance because of its contradictions against the main notion of independent freedom. Nevertheless, the Chinese winning the race could be plausible and would set forth a new harmony.

The Chinese was called upon to add towards building the pedestal for the statue of liberty; But, that idea greatly offended Saum because the statue of liberty is suppose to represent international friendship and liberty in general which is definitely not conveyed through such treatment of the Chinese. What motivates Saum is equality, the fairness amongst all nationalities  already enjoying it and the justice for the Chinese.

If Saum Song Bo showed up in class on Tuesday, I would ask:

Q1.) what were your emotions like before, during and after writing this letter?

Q2.) how does it feel knowing that your text towards equality and justice is significant in Chinese uplifting?

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