The promise of a New South

Henry Grady endlessly promoted the new South

Henry Grady was a Atlanta editor that promoted South during the 1880’s. Grady was a journalist and orator that tried to reintegrate the South with the Union after the civil war. He created the image of a New South as an prosperous place with industrial expansion and agrircultural advances. In reality however, the South was going through a deep poverty. Only few prospered in the South during the New South era. The entire region was mainly dependent on the North for manufactured good and capital.

There were a multitude of reasons for Henry Grady to become the spokesman for the New South. Henry Grady wanted to mainly help the South economically and repairing the Southern images. Grady wanted to garner support for the South. He had a gift of charisma with a passion for political oratory. With these talents, he helped redefine the Southern image.

1. Why did you want to help the southern image?

2. Did your talent for speaking come naturally or did you have to learn?

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