Vote Yes on War

This is one of the poster from WWI. I think Lady Libtery is the woman in the poster.

Foner had mentioned the topic of the Propaganda War in some-what of a brief summary, which was fine since most of the important details were in it. He explains why and how President Woodrow Wilson started up the propaganda war. Many of the American people opposed to Wilson’s decision of going to war, such as the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and some party members if the Socialist Party. This forced Wilson to organize the Committee on Public Information (CIP), in which the CPI tries to convince the American people to support the war. The CPI used pamphlets, posters, motion pictures, and four minute men, which the leader of the CPI, George Creel, created. The Four Minute Men were volunteers who gave speeches to be pro-war. Foner also adds the detail that much of the pro-war propaganda used the Statue of Liberty to in a way explain that this war was to fight for democracy, and liberty. Wilson wanted the American people to feel a sense of patriotism. That was also the reason why the called their bonds “Liberty Bonds”. I for one, have some questions for Foner about this topic, such as:

1)      Did the IWW and the some of the members of the Socialist Party did anything to spread their opinions of opposing the war? If yes, what?

2)      What was the most efficient and successful ways the CPI was able to convince the American people to be pro-war?

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