What’s Everyone So Scared About?

Effects of the Red Scare on Immigrants--Some were deported

The Red Scare was a time between 1919-1920, people began to fear that communists were going to take over the United States. Foner does not really cover this topic too well. He basically just mentions the idea of the Red Scare as well as something called the Palmer Raids and then described things that occurred during that time period. He didn’t really even explain what the Red Scare was or who started to invoke such a fear in the American people. After I finished reading his coverage, I was basically puzzled, and did not feel that he included any important information whatsoever allowing me to understand what the Red Scare really is, except that it was caused by the Russian Revolution. Foner stated that hundreds of immigrant radicals were deported, but although it was quite obvious if you have the required background informaion, I still believe that he left his coverage of this topic extremely sketchy.

  1. Who started the Red Scare and what reasons did he have for doing so? What caused people to believe that the threat of the Red Scare was over?
  2. What are the Palmer Raids and what effects did they have on the American people or abroad?
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