Foner talks briefly about the banning of liquor. He does not really go into depth about why the government decided to make it illegal to have liquor. Foner also does not show how there were many people who protested this new amendment. He makes it seem as if this law was just made and no one said anything. Foner makes it seem very insignificant.

1. Why is it that we are able to manufacture and sell liquor now?

2. What was the real reason for banning intoxicating liquor in the first place?

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2 Responses to Prohibition

  1. 1) I think that liquor was now legal and sold in the U.S. for economic reasons. People probably drank more due to the stress of wartime and this maybe boosted the economy.

  2. Lisa Yin says:

    2. Women were mostly in this prohibition stage. Many men drank to stress during the times of wars and often would get drunk. Upon arriving home, many men would be abusive and disruptive to their wives and even children. Many women felt they needed a change, they didn’t want their family to be ruined therefore they decided to ban liquor. Although the United States passed it as a amendment, the American public didn’t accept it. There were still underground bars called speakeasies. A couple of years later, the amendment was appealed.

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