The Espionage Act

For the first time since the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1978, the federal government enacted laws to restrict freedom of speech. This was the Espionage Act which prohibited spying and interfering with the draft, as well as “false statements” which might impede military success. Eric Foner doesn’t give much information about this time but does leave you with the understanding of this subject. When he talks about the people who were punished for breaking this law, he describes them as “victims” which clearly shows Foner was completely against this change. He also doesn’t mention how the Espionage Act came into play. Still Foner did a good job to describe how drastic these changes were and painted a picture with examples of people who got punished for what should be a right.

Did Eugene V. Debs get any type of reconciliation for being sentenced to prison for all those years?

When and did the Espionage Act come to an end?

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