The Progressives’ War

Foner mentions a subtopic of the war at home which was the Progressives’ War. During the WWI, many Progressives believe that this war was a good opportunity to reform American society from scientifically to socially.  Most of the Progressive reformers and famous leaders and socialists supported Wilson. This was when America requires men to register with the draft and this increased the army a lot. American businesses have more business because of the war productions because Herbert Hoover believes that “food will win the war”.  However, this was when The War Labor Board established the minimum wage, and the right to form unions.  During the war, the wages increase and the working conditions improved, but the wealthiest Americans were taxed around 60% of the income.

1.       How come Foner mentioned specifically 24 million men was required to register to draft and not all the men in America?

2.       Why did the Progressives believe that the World War 1 would be a golden opportunity for America?

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