The “Race Problem”

This book shows how each race was perceived by the general public.

There was an increasing tension about the growing ethnic groups in the United Sates. This “Race Problem”  came about long before World War 1 and became a major concern during the war. Foner explains the national feeling towards the race problem quite clearly. People did not want to be assosciated with immigrants. The book Dictionary of Races of Peoples shows how certain races actually have particular characteristics. In 1907, congress had decreed that any American woman who married an alien would lose her citizenship. This discouraged the mixing of white woman. People really believed that without native white woman, the country would fail. Foner’s coverage is complete in this aspect.

1. When would congress repeal the law where an American woman would lose citzenship if she married an alien?

2. When would this anti-immigrant sentiment fade away?

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