William Edward Burghardt Du Bois and the revival of black protest

Equality was buried after a slight spark during ¬†reconstruction, but W.E.B Du Bios ¬†never lost hope. For as long as he lived, he profoundly taught about the inequality and the conditions of black and how until blacks were treated evenly will American democracy be fully “democratic”. Du Bios believed in the use of education and training to confront inequality; he revitalized the blacks to maintain protest of abolishing slavery which all started with the Niagara movement. After 29 men secretly met at the Canadian side of Niagara falls, the Niagara movement was formed. Furthermore, the Niagara movement’s declaration of principles “called for the restoration of blacks to vote, an end racial segregation, and complete equality in economic and educational opportunities”.

Founders of the Niagara movement, 1905

Foner did an exceptional job on laying out Du Bios momentum towards the reinvigoration of equality for blacks. However, while reading ” W.E.B Du Bois and the revival of black protest” I thought protest was actually going to begin and be vivid in this part of the reading because of the title, but instead almost no progress was accomplished in the direction of racial justice noted near the end of this reading. Also, I think specifics from the Niagara movement declaration of principles should have been stated by Foner for an in-depth sight of what Du Bois had in mind.

Q1.) what was accomplished from the Niagara movement?

Q2.)  Majority of the time revival is slow; therefore, how effective was W.E.B Du Bois?

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