It’s the 1919 Steel Strike?!

The Great 1919 Steel Strike

The steel strike of 1919 was in Chicago and united about 365,000 mostly immigrant workers who demanded for union recognition, higher wages, and an eight hour workday.  Before 1917, the managers of steel mills would just make up their own wages and working conditions.  During the war, workers were in the Amalgamated Association, the union that was nearly destroyed at its defeat at Homestead.  Employers responded to the strike by associating the strikers with communism and disloyalty and so the strike would eventually collapse in 1920.  Foner portrays the steel strike as the bringing of the war and how workers fought for their rights.  It was complete in the way of  how it depicts who the workers were mostly, whether they got what they striked for, and how the strike would come to an end.

I am left puzzled with two specific questions regarding this topic:

Did the workers end up getting higher wages as well, or just the eight hour workday?

How many workers didn’t strike and how many weren’t immigrants ?

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