The Avengers!

In this propaganda poster, the artist illustrates that Americans should avenge for December 7th, 1941.  The artist reminds all Americans about the tragic incident that occurred on that date, the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  Entering the World War II to avenge for this loss would be a great cause.  The American in the poster is portrayed as a powerful man and will stand up for his own country after foreigners had come in and caused destruction.  This poster motivates all Americans to join the war so that they can fight against the Japanese and other foreigners so that the country can be safe and no longer suffer from tragic incidents.

The artist specifically uses an image of the bombing of Pearl Harbor to remind all the Americans that view this poster to join the war.  The artist’s objective is to remind Americans that we are a strong country and shouldn’t allow other countries to execute attacks on us.  He/She is effective in convincing the viewer to join the war because everyone should have a strong sense of pride and patriotism after seeing this poster.  If the man in the poster can rise up and defend his country, then all Americans at the time should be able to do the same.

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