Here’s the Fire!

"You give us fire, we'll give them hell!"

In this poster, the artist gives off the messages of “America will save the day” type of feeling. We will be the ones who will stop Germany and end the war. It keeps the people who are back in the states motivated and strong. The poster also give the people the message that they are contributing to the success of the troops by giving them “fire”.  It builds the people’s patriotism and be proud of who they are. I think the message of the poster was received by the people. When I read the poster it gives me the sense of “Yeah! Go kick Germany’s butt!”. It does make my support for the troops grow. The people got the message of the poster by the catchy slogan and from the mighty-strong Air Force Pilot stepping out of the plane. It proves that the artist’s technique did work and it helps give the people the feeling of “Yeah! Go America!”.

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