It’s A Team Effort!

2b) The perspective of the creator was most likely to get people to understand that World War 2 was a holistic war. It was a holistic war in the sense that it drew and called upon everyone in the nation to do their part. That notion is what I believe is the author’s main purpose in creating this document. The author in this case is the War Production Board. Their goal was to motivate and get people to pitch in. The suited hand represents businessmen and the executive portion of business. The arm with stars and stripes represents Uncle Sam and the military segment of the United States. Finally, the gloved hand represents the common laborer who serves the business executive. The poster conveys the meaning that the military, businesses and workers must all join together to help win the war. Only by working together can they boost efficiency and ensure that the demands of the war are met. All three sides are joining together in a handshake which symbolizes cooperation and collaboration.

The objective of the work is achieved in my opinion as private businesses did put aside their differences during World War II to help the military and put all of their means of production under military control. As for the techniques used I already explained the symbolism expressed in the propaganda. Each hand represents a different segment of the United States population. The handshake gesture is used to show that cooperation between all three groups is critical for success.

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