Save lives….cease slapdash talking!

“don’t discuss troop movements • ship Sailings • war equipment”

All propaganda posters  made during world war 2 by America obviously held significance towards winning the war. These posters are intertwine in some way with the notion of pro-war necessity, which will prevent the evil axis countries from taking over the world; thus, they taking over the world would hinder the four freedom Roosevelt talked about. Nevertheless, the poster above was made by an artist named Albert Dorne in 1944,  published by office of war information and its self explanatory. The fact that spies can be anywhere listening and careless talking can lead to American deaths; this poster depicts a menacing,venomous and deadly snake with large fangs coiled and ready to strike as being ” less dangerous than careless talking”. That just shows the extent of how serious “careless talking” can be. In turn winning the war will eventually pave the way for the  four freedoms. Hence, it’s a “good war”. So, one step towards victory is to cease slapdash talking that will prevent casualties.

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