The iron curtain

A political cartoon showing the Iron Curtain seperating Russia from the rest of Europe.

The iron curtain was a symbol or boundary for countries in Europe against each other in the Cold War. On one side of the curtain was Western Europe and the other side was Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union which is known as Russia today. This symbol was very creative it was an imaginary border that stood for something. It was a very important term to remember because the cold war was intense.

If the curtain never did happen, things would probably be really different. No one would remember what countries were against each other. Life would be simpler if the curtain never appeared in the first place and no cold war would be happening. American society would’ve either changed a lot or none at all. Americans would be happy if the cold war didn’t happen or don’t know that the soviet was against the western part of Europe. Life for me would have changed because I would’ve never learned of the cold war in the first place.

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