Cold War In The Kitchen

The kitchen debates were an important part of the Cold War. Most Americans had never had face to face contact with the citizens of the Soviet Union in any way. Americans were gripped in a red frenzy to fear and reject the Communists. However, the kitchen debates between the USSR and USA provided an opportunity for Americans to glimpse the ‘Red Menace’. The kitchen debates helped to ease political tensions between the two superpowers during the post World War 2- Cold War Era.  The kitchen debates provided an open forum for discussion of domestic technologies. The talks helped to ease fears of nuclear war between the rival countries and helped to promote peace and cooperation. It was one of the events of the Cold War era that helped to end the era and diffuse the fear of nuclear war. The possibilities are endless.

Had this event not occurred I can only speculate as to what life would be like today. In my opinion the most probable result would have been that Americans would continue to fear and hate the Soviets. Without getting a chance to view their people, culture and leader [Nikita Khrushchev] through the television Americans would not understand who their nation’s “enemy” was. However, the debates themselves though done in good spirit did in fact ease tensions. Without the debates I can safely assume that the tensions would have increased and accumulated to the point where a minor incident escalated into an open war; and if indeed war did occur I can’t even guess who would win as both nations have nuclear capabilities. I am not even sure if the planet could sustain such catastrophic damage and I do not know if I would be even alive to witness the aftermath of such destruction.

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