Cars + Fast Food = Freedom in the 1950s

During the 1950s, fast food restaurants, such as McDonalds, allowed families to get a quick bite for a decent price
During the 1950s cars enabled transportation

People expressed freedom in these ways because they gave people the freedom to do things that they would not normally do. By 1960, 80% of American families owned at least one car and 14% owned two or more. This allowed for easier transportation to and from work. Therefore, it created the ability to have suburbs rather than everyone living in the cities. Therefore, it gave people the freedom to live further from work. People began to travel and go on vacation. Shopping malls began to be created because people now had the ability to get to them wherever they lived. This paved ground for the future because following this, more people began going on vacation, owning more cars and travelling further. Although many Americans owned cars prior to the 1950s, more people now began to own them and use them to their benefit.

The first McDonald’s fast food restaurant opened in Illinois in 1954.  Fast food restaurants enabled families to get a quick bite to eat for a cheap price. People, especially those in cities, needed to hustle and bustle and count waste time. Those with big families couldn’t afford to go to expensive restaurants, so this was a cheap option. Moreover, it didn’t take too long for your meal to be given to you, so you could be out quickly. This was not prevalent before the 1950s and this trend grew exponentially to this day.

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