Coca Cola to Levi’s … Freedom in 1950’s

In the 1950’s, Coca-Cola and Levi’s jeans were American consumer goods that had market for customers around the globe.  It was no longer just a status symbol for the rich but anyone can have the freedom of purchasing these products.  Consumer culture demonstrated the superiority of the American way of life to communism and it extended freedom.  Luxuries are not only for the wealthy, but for everyone since consumerism was encouraged during the 1950’s.

Now that everyone could enjoy drinking a Coca Cola and wearing Levi’s jeans, freedom is offered to all Americans and to people throughout the world.  This paved new ground since only the rich could be the target of these consumer goods prior to the 1950’s.  Consumerism is really a form of freedom since it replaced economic independence and democratic participation as central definitions of American freedom.  Americans are more comfortable with living in debt since it gives them economic freedom when they are purchasing the goods.

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