From Coke (the drink) to Coke (the bad one)

Coca Cola Ad from the 50\’s

The suburbs were a place of a new “American Freedom.” War veterans of WWII wished to ‘settle down’ and the general growth of purchasing power made this possible. Also after fighting in a turbulent war, Americans wished to live away from cities in a more peaceful manner. But little did they know that another war was on the horizon. As I’ve mentioned before there was a spike in purchasing power in post war America. This gave rise to a large consumer market and to fill this demand many goods and services were being offered. Coca Cola¬† was one of these popular goods, with the advent of the television advertisements came in new forms such as the video embedded above. Mass consumption of goods and conformity reached a new high point. I believe that this gave rise to the youth culture of the next decade, one that abandoned conformity and smoked a lot of marijuana.

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