The 1950’s and beyond

These two pictures both portray a wide variety of the expressionism that occurred both in the 1950s and beyond.

On one side we have Rosa Parks. She was arrested after refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white person. This whole movement was orchestrated to help desegregate one of the most racist areas in the country, Montgomery Alabama. Parks was an inspiration to many blacks around the country that rallied for equal rights. She was proof that the struggle for racial equality was ongoing and her arrest led to the mass boycotts of the Montgomery transportation system. Eventually the county yielded in the face of massive protests and became desegregated. Agency and freedom of speech are highlighted here.

The nuclear fallout shelter displays the growing fear of nuclear warfare. Each family was encouraged to have a nuclear fallout shelter underground with enough supplies and provisions to last for a few days after the detonation of an atomic weapon. The freedoms here are freedom from fear as the people are taking precautions against a preemptive Soviet strike.

Both illustrations pave the way for mass movements in the 1960s. The Parks case being a major turning point in the Civil Rights movement. The nuclear hysteria helped the superpowers to form nonproliferation treaties to prevent use of an atomic weapon.

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