The Doors-Five to One

The meaning of this song could be a social protest by the young people against the older people during the 60s. As a result of the “Baby Boom” the number of younger people outnumbered the older people. So while the older generation had “the guns”, or power, the younger people had “the numbers”. Jim Morrison also says that “the old get old and the young get stronger” and that “we’re takin’ over”. This counterculture was young people rejecting the culture of the older generation. They were unhappy with the present norms and mainstream culture.

After listening to the song I think that the young people would have heard it as a rallying cry against the older generation. And that they have the power to bring about change. I think it’s a pretty powerful song, and though it can be interpreted differently, I believe that it had some sort of impact on the people that heard it. From a historical distance you can see the change to a more expressive youth that resulted from the “Baby Boom”. Freedom is defined as personal liberation, to search for pleasure instead of just wealth. Young people wanted independence from adult authority and repressive rules.

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