“Dance in the Dark” – Lady Gaga

Dance in the Dark

This song does not deal with the elements of war or social protest; rather, it associates freedom mainly with teenage women. It’s about a girl in an emotionally abusive relationship with her boyfriend and whenever she tries to improve herself, he will always put her down and calls her a “mess” and a “tramp.” When she is away from sight from her boyfriend though, she feels free to be herself and not have to deal with his criticism. Hence, that is where this song got its time “Dance in the Dark.” After all, men in the past used to have the upper hand in dealing with abuse with their wives: calling them names and beating them.

This is different the other song I posted because it is not about peace and war. It talks about freedom in direct relation to society as whole. In this case, Lady Gaga sings that women have the right to their own body and self-esteem, not the guy in the relationship. Music in society has shifted to sound more tuneful, but relate to the majority of the whole by dealing with mainstream aspects.

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2 Responses to “Dance in the Dark” – Lady Gaga

  1. debbie.chu says:

    As Cindy has said, this song is about how some women can feel pressured that she isn’t good enough for the world, and that she should change everything about herself instead of expressing out who she really is. She has no freedom to show what her true self is and always have to hide herself in the “dark”. There isn’t much similarities to the 1960s with this song except I hear this electric guitar that also sounds like it was used in some “hippie music” in the 1960s. The new element in this song that wasn’t in the 1960s was the genre of techno, which this song is techno. I feel like women need to be able to stand up for themselves to everyone, especially to men in their lives that always bring them down emotionally.

  2. Moti Ankari says:

    Gaga uses a different element than a 1950s artist. She mentions Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Sylvia Plath, Princess Diana and JonBenet Ramsey whom all died young. I believe these women were annoyed with the media and what Lady Gaga is trying to say is that these women will be able to live freely when they are in the dark, dead. It’s a pop song that has meaning to it. Many pop songs are just annoying, but I’m a fan of Lady Gaga and I believe her music is different in general. Comparing it to the 1960s it is has different musical characteristics.

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