Pink Floyd – A Great Day for Freedom

The song I selected is entitled “A Great Day for Freedom” by Pink Floyd. The song talks makes references to the Berlin Wall being torn down. It also communicates through lyrics that nations wash their hands of bloodshed as if to erase all of the atrocities that have occurred over time. A lot of countries hands are stained with blood. The song also explains that nations shift frontiers and there are shades of grey as to what a country is today and what it will become tomorrow. The theme of war and chaos is prevalent throughout the song. Human life is being devalued through all of the killings in Europe.

This contrasts sharply to my post on the 1960’s which was Pete Seeger’s “We Shall Overcome” speech. Seeger’s song can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It can be used as a rallying call to almost any kind of tyranny. Floyd’s freedom song is a shout out to protest the violence in Europe specifically. Seeger was more geared towards overcoming racial prejudice but it can be used to overcome Floyd’s issues as well. The difference is that since the 1960’s the intensity of the Cold War has increased and more violence and wars are erupting as a result. A Great Day for Freedom addresses those problems.

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