Miss Independent

This song by Ne-Yo expresses the independence and freedom that is prevalent in today’s society for women. This is something that was unfamiliar prior to the society in the 1990s. Unlike my previous post, this piece of music deals with freedom experienced by a specific group instead of targeting the freedom of the general society.

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3 Responses to Miss Independent

  1. Moti Ankari says:

    This song is very pro-woman. It describes a woman that has it all, responsible, and independent. Compared to the 1960s there weren’t beautiful girls in their music videos compared to today, almost every video has beautiful women in it. This song makes me realize i prefer to have a woman that is independent and not living off her daddy’s funds.

  2. This song deals with the increase in freedom for women in America since the 1960s. We can see that women are starting to become more independent. The type of freedom portrayed in this song is relatively new and is not as serious as some songs were in the 1960s about events happening at the time.

  3. Lisa Yin says:

    This song is relevant to the idea of freedom expressed in the songs but in this song by ne-yo, it was about independence of women and how they have a role today. I don’t seem to connect any aspects of the songs from the past to this song because technology has advanced in many different ways. I really enjoy this song because it is upbeat and it catches someone’s attention.

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