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Restrictions throughout American History

These three events in American history targeted the Non-American, restricting their freedom in their homes. The removal of the Native Americans, two in history known as the ¬†Trail of Tears and the Navajos’ Long Walk, could be seen as oppression … Continue reading

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Prohibition and its Effects During the January 16th, 1920’s the Volstead Act became the 18th amendment. This temperance movement banned alcohol, resulting in a division of the nation into two sides. One supporting the temperance movement, and the other against it. This supporters … Continue reading

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Roosevelt Corollary

America’s intervention in foreign affairs became prevalent. This intervention was justified by the Roosevelt Corollary, which stated that “the United States had the right to exercise ‘an international police power’ in the Western Hemisphere.” Foner makes a clear interpretation of … Continue reading

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