The rise of terrorism

terrorism by definition is  the systematic use of  terror especially as a means of coercion. terrorism began in the earliest of times in our global history, acts such as assassinations of high priority people and acts of mass murder. but today it has evolved into a more organized and thought out process.

in the mid to late 1800’s America truly experienced its first taste of modern terrorism with the group called the Ku Klux Klan. the KKK were a group of white people with a strong sense of  discrimination towards blacks. from a period between 1865-1875 they killed over 3000 freedmen their allies from the republican party. this showed how powerful this group was in America and during that time they spread fear all over the country, it was a feeling to all whites join or die if you side with the blacks, and for the blacks hide or die

In the 1900 was the evolution of forms of terrorism, terrorism took more easy approach, they thought why not kill as many people in one shot to make a statement instead of killing randomly for extended periods of time. on September 16th at 12:01 a bomb went off on wall street in the financial district of new york it killed 38 people and injured 143,this was carried out by the followers of an international anarchist named Luis Galleane. these kind of acts comparing to those of the 1800’s were far different and had more impact on the mental aspects of the victim.

Wall street bombing

Ever since than the rise of modern terrorism has goten much worst and worst, all over the world from mass murders in the thousands to multiple bombings in one day. however the most harshest act of terrorism occurred on September 11th, 2001 when about 14 members of the terrorist cell al- quida hijacked 4 commercial airplanes and simultaneously crashed them into important building in America, the first 2 planes crashed into the world trade centers in new york city in a matter of 2 hours the 2 towers collapsed killing everybody on the planes and most of the people in the buildings, a couple of hours later a plane crashed into the pentagon killing everyone on the plane. and the final plane crashed into a deserted field in Pennsylvania because of the fight back against the hijackers on the plane that plane was headed for Washington dc. right now over 3000 people died on that day and is still rising due to the toxic dust that accumulated from the towers. this form of terrorism was more effective than any other in history it brought America to war which is killing more of them by the day and America itself is in fear of another attack.


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