Civil Rights Leaders

Topics covered: Martin Luther King Jr., W.E.B. Dubois, Ida B. Wells, Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks
MLK Jr. giving his "I have a dream" speech
W.E.B. Dubois
Ida B. Wells

These four people are deeply intertwined in that they cover over a century of struggle for equality for African Americans. Their methods, although different, present a fundamental desire to create a society where one of not judged on the color of his skin or the country of his descendants. It is important to note that these people, although human, count as certain events or maybe milestones in our long road to racial equality. They have gone farther and pushed harder because they had a vision of a country that is more than it was back then.

These people, among many others like them, represent a certain desire for a greater life but they are remembered in that they desire this future not for themselves, but for society. Through speeches, writings, and rallies, they made considerable gains for African Americans. These people helped establish the NAACP and other programs that promoted a form of early affirmative action by opening opportunities for African Americans where before there were none. I included four people although only three were required because it was difficult for me to exclude any one of them.

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