Tyranny of the Majority?

The TSA is blamed for racial profiling when conducting 'random' screenings at airports.
Even Japanese people who held American citizenship were held in interment camps like these when the United States was at war with Japan during WWII.


This documentary explains the roots of the first Red Scare and who it affected.

The United States has had a diverse population of many nationalities since the beginning. Unfortunately during times of war, when certain people share the same ethnic background as the enemy of America they are often profiled. During the First World War, Russia converted to communism. Although not enemies with Russia during the war, Americans were frightened of this new concept that was once thought to exist only in books. In response to this fear, the red scare emerged. The red scare was the fear of communism inside the United States, it was during this period that wrongful accusation and deportations took place. According to the documentary, immigrants, union supporters, and progressives were prime targets of the red scare.

Only a few decades later another World War took place. After being provoked by a Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, America joined the fray. With Japan as an enemy, the federal government created internment camps for those of Japanese heritage, regardless of citizenship. The Japanese Americans, like the victims of the red scare, were antagonized by the country. Therefore, the governments actions were justified.

In recent years Al-Queda, an Islamic terrorist organization, hijacked a plane and flew into the Twin Towers of NYC. The TSA or transportation security administration began a more rigorous screening procedure following the attack. Under the pretense of ‘random’ screening they racially profiled individuals of middle eastern decent more than of any other region. Though one may call it a minor inconvenience, these travelers are screened as if the TSA is labeling them terrorists. However, there is a common logic between all three instances of profiling. In order to provide security to the greater population certain groups are forced to sacrifice their rights.

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