free at last

African Americans were brought to the United States as slaves  for southern plantation owners. They picking cotton, helping the owner as a maid and working on the fields all day. They had to endure through all the horrible working conditions. A decade later, the 15th amendment was passed and set them free. This gave citizens the right to vote no matter their color or race. Jim Crow laws were to limit the amount of rights the blacks had. For example literacy tests in order to vote and many more conditions. There was segregation in the United States.The blacks had to sit in the back of buses and offer their seat if a white person came aboard. There were separate water fountains for colored people.   Restaurants that only allowed white people to sit at the booths. These were all due to the Jim Crow laws. Having received unequal treatment, a lot of African Americans demanded equality for all.This was when the Civil Rights Movement started. African Americans protested and did what ever they had to to get their rights.

These events are linked in a sequence. First the 15th Amendment was passed ending slavery. The Jim Crow laws then came into affect to limit the rights of black people. The civil rights movements were to help colored people gain their freedom.

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