African American determination

The three events in the U.S history that can relate to one another are : the rise of Garveyism, Malcolm X and his orations, and the growing visibility of African Americans during the 1990’s in areas of American life where they were once excluded from.  Garveyism meant for national self-determination among blacks.  They should enjoy the same identity enjoyed by other peoples in the aftermath of World War I.  Garvey insisted for freedom that will lift the blacks to the common standard of all men.  Malcolm X’s orations deals with how blacks must control the political and economic resources of their communities and rely on their own efforts rather than working with whites.  And during the 1990s, African Americans worked in unprecedented numbers alongside whites in corporate board rooms, offices, and factories.  The number of black policemen would raise from 24,000 to 65,000 between 1970 and 2000.  37 percent of the black population attended college and the average income of black families rose more rapidly than that of whites.

The social force between these three events are what links them together.  Because of Garveyism boosting self determination within blacks, they strive to work harder for freedom.  In addition, with Malcolm X’s orations on how blacks need to control the political and economic resources of their communities and rely on themselves, blacks have a stronger sense of self determination.  Finally, as shown in the 1990s, blacks would prove that they have been following these inspirational beings and now they have a growing presence in American life.  They now are in the police force, attend college, have a growing family income, and shown they are successful beings just like the whites.

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