Popular Fashion Trends Through the Decades: 1960’s-1980’s

Hippies in the 60's
Disco Outfits 1970's
A Disco Ball
Exercising suits 1980’s

As you can tell from the pictures above, popular fashion trends come and go. Different fashion trends have been going on through the history of times. One of the popular trend on the blog are the flapper fashion from the 1920’s. When the trend starts, it spreads like wild fire on the young women and men, through the entire decade until one fashionista starts a new trend. Then the whole cycle starts again.

Most fashion trends represent what the new movement was or the new “in” thing to do was. In the 1960’s, the “Hippy” fashion was based on the people’s free movement and lifestyle. They were against war and protested many inhumane things. Most of the time, Men wore bell-bottom jeans with patches of drawings attached on, loose fitted tie-dyed t-shirts or bare chested with juts a vest on . Many women wore flower printed flowing dresses and loose fitting closes with intricate patterns. They were all for peace, love and (most of the time) illegal drugs.

In the 1970’s, going to the “Disco” was the “in” thing to go to and listen to. It is a genre of music with upbeat rhythm and had many dance moves to go along with it. The Disco was also a dancing bar people would go to and dance. One of the main symbols of the “disco” was the flashy silver disco ball that reflected lights that made the whole dance floor shiny. Men wore bell-bottoms and a jacket that were the same color and that was made out of polyester with a solid color collared shirt underneath. They also wore gold chains as their main accessory. Women usually wore ruffly and loose dresses that had crazy patterns. The dresses usually stopped at the knee. Both men and women wore platform shoes when they went dancing at the disco!

One of the “in” things do to in the 1980’s was too exercise. Many people created colorful exercising suits and outfits to wear during their workouts. I’m pretty sure most people wore the outfits even if they weren’t going to exercise. Most outfits were very colorful because of it’s neon colors they put into their outfits. Both men and women wore neonĀ  spandex, a body suit with a off the shoulder sweater and a sweat band on their head.

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